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Less Talk More Do

Nov 26, 2020

I been slacking but wanted to drop in and update you all on something i'm really proud of. No matter what keep working! We got so dope stuff coming up soon for you guys! STAY TUNED 

Aug 25, 2020

Just finished a project I'm very proud of! How to Shoot sports for Beginners. It is a 21 page E-Book that i am very proud of. Hope it can add value to your life! Link is down below

Aug 15, 2020

Priyanka has written a book on better travel, which includes her own journey towards navigating the world as someone who embraces all cultures and has found her purpose in supporting causes at home and abroad.

The book will teach you how to engage people from other cultures around the world.


May 15, 2020

A fascinating examination of a remarkable community, this documentary tells the story of Prince George's County, Md., and its social, economic and cultural evolution through the lens of some of basketball's biggest stars. Since 2000.

We got to chat with co-director John Beckham. John is a filmmaker, musician, and writer...